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Never sit out another dance again! When you feel that inner-stirring, In Rhythm With Your Soul will help you get on the dance floor—or pursue any creative endeavor at all. Honoring and acting on your creative-intuitive impulse is the key to living a regret-free life. Literally or metaphorically, once you have dusted off your dance shoes and begun your journey, here you will find the mental, emotional, and spiritual support to keep at it. While outside experts can instruct you about craft, technique, and styling to develop your artistry, everyone benefits from a trusted guide and confidant, one who speaks from the heart of personal experience. In those moments you may question your journey or wonder if you are alone, these pages will lead you from doubt to lightness of being, through humor, simple steps, and inspiration. Be reassured: dancing with your daimons graces and richly rewards those ready to receive its immeasurable gifts. The Book

As you read these pages, my greatest wish is to encourage and support you.

May you dive into the depths of your soul, befriend your body, master your mind, and soar with your spirit.

-Pollyanna Blanco

In Rhythm With Your Soul merges the worlds of invisible with the reality of the physical, building a bridge upon which we can dance the dance of transformation.

-Cyndi Dale

Author of The Subtle Body, Energetic Boundaries and The Intuition Guideboook

In Rhythm With Your Soul is a wonderful book that reaffirms the value of freeing ourselves, and dancing with our daimons, as we explore life’s purpose and continue on our spiritual path.

  • Madisyn Taylor, DailyOM

  • Author and Mystic Healer

  • Sann Sann Lam
  • Fine Artist, Artist-Educator
  • As I read In Rhythm With Your Soul , I felt as though the book was talking directly to me with messages that I needed to hear and reaffirmed thoughts that needed reminding. Pollyanna presents a comprehensive collection of information that brings together spirituality and science in a manner that is logical, intellectual, and real. The book is thought provoking and invites the open-minded reader to introspective reflection and ultimately self-expression. Although the perspective is that of a dancer, the discussions and information can be present ed to a cross section of all arts, and applications to life in general. I loved dancing as a little girl, but my parents did everything in their power to discourage me from continuing with dance lessons. Eventually, I stopped. Now I know I must go back on the dance floor for the little girl inside, and this time, she is going to keep dancing.

  • Santos Lee
  • Co-Founder and Instructor C.U. Dance Productions
  • Unique, practical, inspiring – In Rhythm With Your Soul resonates with me in many ways. It presents a unique view on being “in the moment” Pollyanna summarizes it best: “Our life path is carpeted with hidden gems if we stop to notice them”. Among other things, I truly enjoyed her interpretations on hitting the sweet spot between our comfort zone and the unknown. Moreover, Pollyanna offers practical insight into how to get there, and uses not only sound research but many clever stories and personal experiences to highlight key points. As a dance instructor and formal martial arts coach (and also starting a new consulting job), I truly appreciate Pollyanna’s emphasis on awareness and self-acceptance, and how that can be applied not only in dance, but in any sport/endeavor and in life. What this book delves into are fundamental principles . . . which by definition are universal. Hence no matter your aspirations, whether learning to dance, picking up another hobby/sport, changing careers or starting a new job, l would have no reservations in recommending this book. Here’s to embracing our inner daimons!

  • Stacey Bernstein
  • Playwright, Actress
  • As someone who struggled for many years to find her artistic voice, I understand first-hand the limiting beliefs and inhibiting forces that can lead one astray from pursuing a creative path. In Rhythm With Your Soul is an essential read for anyone who dreams of reconnecting with their artistic self. Pollyanna Blanco masterly presents a thought provoking and honest account of her personal journey back to the dance studio, her artistic “happy place”. By engaging the help of her inner daimon, Blanco documents through personal anecdotes and comprehensive scientific and spiritual research how we connect with the creative energies of the universe to realize our most authentic artistic selves. She intelligibly demystifies the creative process and provides the sacred space for readers to explore and reclaim their artistic lives with a renewed sense of confidence, vitality and productivity.

  • Brigitt Mayer
  • Award Winning Author and Publisher Ballroom Icons, Chief of the World Dance Council Historical Committee and Educational Department, Coach/Judge
  • I came in as a teacher and left as student. Meeting Pollyanna was no coincidence – we know; there is no such thing. The two of us met during a dance lesson, me being the teacher and Pollyanna the student. Something clicked – I knew I had just met a kindred spirit. How? Energy! Feeling this connection I dared to speak openly about energy-fields in dance and how we can create an effect through movement, by channeling that energy a certain way. I think that did it, now Pollyanna also knew! Later she dared to speak with me about her work and send me her manuscript to read.

    And here I am being the student all over again. It is almost inevitable as a ballroom dancer or any dancer, to start asking questions that go beyond the steps, with the ultimate question at the end: WHO AM I – I AM. To go there is a chosen path with many detours and obstacles and just like Pollyanna I did a great deal of reading, hoping to find the answers. We know the answers are not to be found in books but only within, and still, books are like stepping stones that keep us afloat so we don’t sink into muddy waters and they come to us just as we need them! Here came Pollyanna’s book to me, helping me further along the path, reminding me; guiding me! In the foreword to my book Ballroom Icons I wrote the following about ballroom dancing:

    I can think of few activities where you constantly have to consider the other person, lose part of your ego in order to gain, multi-task by following the music, lead or be led, incorporate or ignore the environment with all its distractions, act and react knowingly on an emotional level, and all that with a member of the opposite gender in order to achieve the common goal to move with grace as one. If the attempt is genuine and the effort strong, more than this is achieved. We grow as human beings. This is my belief: Dance promotes growth! In Rhythm With Your Soul is like fertilizer for the soul.

  • Cyndi Dale
  • Intuitive healer and author, The Subtle Body, Energetic Boundaries and the Intuition Guidebook.
  • I’m an energy consultant and author and I know that our ability to transform what lies in the dark into light is the real “secret” of life. Hence I spend my days in the realm of the supernatural, discerning between forces that can steer us toward happiness or conversely, the shoals. I’ve consistently wondered why this process of conversion can’t be more like dancing--doesn’t call for ballet slippers, clogs, or at least well-worn tennis shoes--rather than hiking boots and a frightened attitude. Well put on your dancing shoes! Whether you want to trip the light fantastic on a dance floor, professionally, or in spirit, Polly will show you how to transform the challenges behind suffering, travail, and negativity to take a whirl at joy. Approaching joy through the lens of quantum physics and energetics, In Rhythm With Your Soul merges the worlds of invisible with the reality of the physical, building a bridge upon which we can dance the dance of transformation, no matter if we’re actually going to don dance shoes or not.

  • Ingrid Hart
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • In Rhythm With Your Soul is a wonderful book that reaffirms the value of freeing ourselves, and dancing with our daimons, as we explore life’s purpose and continue on our spiritual path.